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Wakulla County Public Library Class Offerings

Class Schedule

Each level is a three hour class (unless otherwise stated).   All classes are FREE and open to Wakulla County residents.  The classes are held in the Computer Lab at Wakulla County Public Library, 4330 Crawfordville Highway, located on US 319, 3.7 miles south of the Courthouse in Crawfordville.  REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  Call 926-7415 to register.

  Be sure to visit the Wakulla Library on Facebook for Computer Tidbits and to see upcoming Classes and Events!

April / May Class Schedule  

Microsoft Excel 2010 Series (Every other Tuesday - Total of 3 Classes)
Apr 22 (Tuesday) - 1:30 4:30 PM
May 06 (Tuesday) - 1:30 4:30 PM
May 20 (Tuesday) - 1:30 4:30 PM
Create a custom worksheet, use features such as:  Auto Correct/Auto Fill, Custom List and Keyboard Shortcuts. Learn basic to intermediate formulas and functions. Learn advanced saving/printing.

iPad Beyond the Basics (Total of 2 Classes) - NEW!
Apr 23 (Tuesday) - 9:30 AM 12:30 PM
Apr 30 (Tuesday) - 9:30 AM 12:30 PM
Continuation from previous iPad class. Discover intermediate features such as how to organize your screens, group apps and sync your device with iCloud. Learn efficient app searches; tips and trick that will help you in becoming more proficient. Prerequisites: Must know iPad basics.

Intro to Windows 8 Series (Total of 2 Classes) - NEW!
May 06 (Tuesday) - 9:30 AM 12:30 PM (Class I)
May 13 (Tuesday) - 9:30 AM 12:30 PM (Class II)
Did you recently buy a new computer and are feeling frustrated the new look? This class will help you adjust to all the changes and feel at ease and productive with your new computer. Class is intended for computer users already familiar with a computer and windows basics.

Computer Basics using Windows 7 Series (Total of 3 Classes)
May 07 (Wednesday) - 1:30 4:30 PM - Getting Started (Class I)
May 14 (Wednesday) - 1:30 4:30 PM - Internet (Class II)
May 21 (Wednesday) - 1:30 4:30 PM - Email (Class III)
In class I you will learn to navigate Windows 7 and use programs provided; including saving and printing. Class II will be an introduction to the Internet including how to safely and securely access the a website and how to find information using search engines. Using email learn to send, receive and attach files in class III. Class is intended for new computer users.

Facebook Business Pages
May 13 (Tuesday) - 1:30 4:30 PM
Learn to setup a Facebook page for your business or organization. Students MUST be current users of Facebook prior to coming this class.

Cloud Computing - What is it and How to Use it? - NEW!
May 20 (Tuesday) - 9:30 AM 12:30 PM
In this class you will learn what cloud computing is, how it works, and both the pros and cons of this system. Class is intended for students comfortable with a computer and accessing the internet.

"Very useful information - Excellent instruction - Educational and Informative."
Palmer Carr
Wakulla County Resident


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Current Schedule

To register contact the Wakulla County Public Library at

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