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Wakulla County Public Library Class Offerings

Class Schedule

Each level is a three hour class (unless otherwise stated).   All classes are FREE and open to Wakulla County residents.  The classes are held in the Computer Lab at Wakulla County Public Library, 4330 Crawfordville Highway, located on US 319, 3.7 miles south of the Courthouse in Crawfordville.  REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  Call 926-7415 to register.

  Be sure to visit the Wakulla Library on Facebook for Computer Tidbits and to see upcoming Classes and Events!

June & July Class Schedule

Microsoft Excel 2010 Series (Continuation from classes held in May - A Total of 3 Classes)
June 24 (Thursday) - 10:00 AM 12:00 PM
- Added!

Create a custom worksheet, use features such as:  charting, multitasking between multiple worksheets, data linking and applying basic to intermediate formulas and functions. Learn advanced saving/printing.

iPad Basics Series (Total of 3 Classes)
June 17, 24 & July 1 (Tuesdays) - 1:00 3:00 PM

This three part class is designed to teach you iPad basics. You will learn how to adjust your settings, set your alarm, create a reminder, send an iMessage, setup an appointment, take a photograph, charge the battery, and more.  Bring your iPad (including USB Dock Connector/Charger) along with your Apple ID and password and join us!

iPad Beyond the Basics Series (Continuation from classes held in June - A Total of 3 Classes)
July 15, 22 & 29 (Tuesdays) - 1:00 3:00 PM

We will review features learned in iPad Basics as well as download an apps, organize your screens, group your apps, navigate iTunes and sync your device with your computer or the iCloud.  Then discover more advanced features such as efficient app searches; how to set restrictions; the best accessories and hardware for your iPad; tips and tricks that will assist you in becoming more proficient.  Bring your iPad (including USB Dock Connector/Charger) along with your Apple ID and password and join us!

Intro to Windows 8 Series (Total of 2 Classes) - NEW!
July 17 & 24 (Thursdays) - 2:00 4:00 PM

Did you recently buy a new computer and are feeling frustrated the new look? This class will help you adjust to all the changes and feel at ease and productive with your new computer. Class is intended for computer users already familiar with windows basics. Attendees must bring a Windows 8 laptop to participate or you may attend the class and watch as the instructor demonstrates live on the screen.

Genealogy: There's An App for That! - NEW!
July 17 (Thursday) - 5:30 7:30 PM

Ultra-portable tablets are an ideal tool for genealogists on the go, and hundreds of apps are available for researching, taking notes and writing. During this class you will discover free and fee based genealogy-specific apps as well as other apps to unleash the power of the iPad for your genealogy research. Attendees must have an interest in genealogy and know how to operate their iPad. Please bring your iPad (including USB Dock Connector/Charger), along with your Apple ID and password and join us!

Genealogist Love Cloud Computing - NEW!
July 24 (Thursday) - 5:30 7:30 PM

Cloud computing is a practical solution for genealogists. In this class you will learn how the cloud works, how to keep your data safe, and ways you can make yourself a more productive genealogist. This class is intended experienced computer OR iPad users.

Note: Classes above will be held in the Computer Lab and will be taught live by instructor Deanna Ramsey via remote using the Smart Board.

"Very useful information - Excellent instruction - Educational and Informative."
Palmer Carr
Wakulla County Resident


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Current Schedule

To register contact the Wakulla County Public Library at

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